Scientiae et Veritus is an open access, nonprofit, independent journal, that exists to provide a dramatic alternative to the current business modeled world of scholarly publication. The mission of the journal is to support open inquiry into all topics of science, where critical challenge is not only welcome, but encouraged as the underpinning framework of the journal.  

The health of science today is quite poor.  In fact, science is sick. There needs to be a radical shift in who controls scholarship publications, as well as the procedures used and general oversight of editorial peer review. It is ludicrous that scientists have allowed one of the tenants of science, that of dissemination (scholarly journals and conferences) to be hijacked by retail, for-profit companies. Without the open, balanced, equitable, and ethical dissemination of science, the entire system of science is likely to disintegrate into dysfunction.  Depending on your field of research, you may see signs that this is happening already.  I know this to be true in my area of research serviced by exercise physiology, sports medicine, and applied physiology. As scientists, it is our responsibility to cultivate a healthy platform and support system from which science can flourish. Scientists need to take control, for who else is better prepared to foster and protect a healthy scientific platform for our future?

How should science operate, and how should a journal service this function? Science is meant to operate on structured efforts to disprove currently accepted theory or fact.  Currently, science is mostly about protecting current perceived fact, smothering challenge as though it is a destructive virus, and rigidly controlling access through the gates to publication without understanding the cost of failing to disseminate a wealth of acquired research knowledge. Editorial peer-review must certainly weed out "poor science", but today, the process is far from "weeding"; it is selective and biased pruning to protect the views of the established powerful. Such conduct is destructive to science and the future of humanity. Scientiae et Veritus is structured to blatantly support the submission of manuscripts that challenge convention. You will see this in the recommended structure of the template documents for the different manuscript submission categories, and in the author instructions in manuscript preparation.

It is time for a scientific revolution.