Scientiae et Veritus

Welcome to the new journal available to all scientists. The journal name, Scientiae et Veritus is Latin and translates to "knowledge and truth". This journal is not about profit, or ego, or power, or the unscientific road to an increasing impact factor. There are no submission fees, no page costs, no constraints to the type or length of submission, no constraints to the numbers of figures and tables, no constraints to the use of color, and no publication costs that are re-directed to authors. The purpose of the journal is to support science and not financial profit. All accepted and published manuscripts are open access.  Operating costs of the journal are a voluntary donation from

The base name of the journal is Scientiae et Veritus, but there is no constraint to the field of science the journal adheres to.  I am an exercise physiologist, and the initial journal scope is to be exercise physiology.  Hence, the full name of this initial version is to be Scientiae et Veritus Exercise Physiology. I am hopeful that other like-minded scientists will develop their own field-specific version of the journal. For example, why not a Scientiae et Veritus Metabolic Biochemistry, or a Scientiae et Veritus Physiology, or a Scientiae et Veritus Meteorology? The journal is the copyrighted work of, and will soon be registered with the National Library of Australia and have an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) as a scholarly journal. Thus, if you want to follow my lead with a version of the journal for your field of research, email me and we can arrange this collaboration and your application for an additional ISSN.

Follow the links below to learn more of the process required to write, format, and submit a manuscript for peer review and publication.