Exercise Physiology

Welcome to my revamped website.  At the time I started writing this, it had been almost 4 years since I left the United States of America (USA) for my homeland of Australia. During my 20 years at UNM (25 years total in the USA; 1985 to 2010), I had developed an extensive personal website that I used to deliver my subject content and support resources to my students at the University of New Mexico (UNM).  I also provided extensive professional and philosophical content via this site.  It has taken me a while to get established back in Australia.  The reasons for this are numerous, including a role as Head of School soon after I started work in 2011 and all the personal roller coasters I have been on since 2010 – a divorce, leaving and missing my children, the death of both my parents across the 4 years, and the ensuing toll all this (and so much more) has taken on my physical and mental health.

But here I am, typing away to express and reveal myself to the world once again. I am just as committed and convinced of the need to use the Internet to express myself at this time as I was back in the 1990’s. Thankfully, and for certain topics – unfortunately, there is so much more to say now than before.  I certainly agree that with age comes wisdom. But of course, what is one person’s wisdom could well be another person’s insanity! Regardless, I will forge on and leave you to be the judge of my competence in challenging and explaining life, work, specific topics within exercise physiology, and the poor "heath" of science and editorial peer review in our scientific and academic communities.

Why am I doing this? Because we all need to give back.  The field of exercise physiology, within the broader umbrella of exercise science, has spawned my professional and research career.  I believe it is our professional responsibility to nurture the field that we align ourselves with.  This is why I have developed a new scientific journal - Scientiae et Veritus. This is also why I provide links to my latest electronic textbook of exercise physiology as a free contribution to all students, teaching professionals and researchers within or interested in exercise physiology around the world.  Given that the current system of editorial peer review fails to protect the integrity and robust structure of science (see Topics of Concern), and given that most of what I express to you in this website has no alternate opportunity for public dissemination, it is logical that I once again set an example for a different, added means of scientific communication.  Most of this added expression is found in the left sidebar links to "Current Projects" and "Topics of Concern".

You will also notice that I have business and personal websites linked to this page (see links below), as well as a separate link to the Active Lifestyle Education Program (ALEP) I have developed at CSU. The business site is where I market my skills and products in LabVIEW™ data flow programming, as well as the custom development of indirect calorimetry software and hardware systems.  My personal site is where I simply express my views on the major issues pertinent to life in the present and in the future. This is where you will learn how I think and what makes me tick. The site for the ALEP is to support this program, provide access to resources for the participants, and provide updates and information about program developments.

The links to the left direct you to the main sections of this site.  Read what you see fit to read, and take whatever you can use from the extensive array of items I provide for you.  For the students, professionals and researchers from countries with constrained access to science, I am aware of your segregation from the consumer driven and profit centered world of information, science, and education. I hope you find this site useful and rewarding.