Maximal Oxygen Consumption

Wow, there so much to write about this measurement. As this is an introduction, I will try to control my passion for teaching about this measurement, and all of the history, physiology and scientific methods that combine to make this measure a reality today. In these Topics, you will learn about the equipment used to measure VO2max, the exercise protocol requirements to allow the measurement to be valid, data processing strategies to improve the accurate detection of the maximal VO2 value, and understand the physiology that combines to determine the measurement and explain the individual variability possible between different subjects. There are more Topics that I could write on this measurement as well, and I will do that over time.  For example, some researchers have questioned where there is really a true VO2max, given that it is protocol specific, may not show signs of a true plateau, and seems not to be limited by cardiovascular function and O2 delivery in the health adult. Conversely, there are physiologist who disagree with this, and present their own evidence to support their case.  I need to write about this opposing opinions and interpretations of data.

Recommended sequence of topics:

What is VO2max?

How to measure VO2max

How to analyse data to detect VO2max

Identifying VO2max

Individual variability in VO2max

What limits VO2max?