Current Projects

I am currently working on numerous projects, which are listed below.  Within each linked page I provide a synopsis of the rationale for what I am doing, and where possible, I provide some results from pilot data or on-going data analyses. Yes, this is unusual. I am sharing my research before it is published; risking that others will do the same and beat me to publication.  But you see, this is not a risk.  This is healthy for science, as science is not about who does what, as that is ego consciousness.  Science is about research and discovery, and it is important that it gets done regardless of what the answers are and who does it - so long as it is done right.  Take what you can from my work.  If you disagree, then good. Ask your questions, do the research, and answer them. Exercise physiology will be better because of it, assuming of course our editorial peer review system can function to help make publication happen.  See my discussion of this in the "Topics of Concern" page.